Brittany Wesley
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About Brittany Wesley!

Personal Mentoring

I provide online coaching for aspiring moms, chefs, and anyone looking to make cooking simple and nutritious!

Nutritious Meals

Wishing you cooked more homemade meals, but struggling to find time? I can help! Check out some of my latest posts or feel free to contact me for some 1 on 1 coaching.



Looking to get certified or find out more about special diets such as GAPS, Paleo, SCD, or others? I am constantly studying specialist diets and can help you get certified.

Useful Appliances

Lets face it, there's tens of thousands of kitchen appliances, so how do you know what works and what doesn't? I buy all sorts of appliances and review them on my website to help you decide what's best.

My Areas of Expertise

Life Coaching

Feeling stressed, anxious, and having trouble getting your life in order? In addition to having a passion for food I am also ICF (International Coach Federation) certified and can help.

Speciality Diets

As a certified RD(Registered Dietitian), I can help formulate specialty diets based on your individual health needs.

Food - Mind Connection

Often people who are struggling with mental health issues are eating horrible diets. This can quickly spiral out of control and make symptoms worse. I can help!

From Scratch Cooking

Many people have never cooked from scratch and often rely on store bought mixes. With my recipes you can easily start cooking from scratch!

Healthy Food That Kids Will Eat

The hardest parts about starting to eat healthy is finding foods your children will eat. I specialize in putting the word "delicious" back into nutritious.

Meal Preparation

Don't have time to cook a full meal every day? No problem! My meal prep coaching and tips will help you enjoy delicious food with minimal effort.