Brittany Wesley

Meal Prepping Made Simple

Most people struggle to eat healthy, and that’s really not a shock. In today’s world finding the time, energy, and money to eat healthy is no small feat.

In fact, the most recent studies show that over 1/3 of Americans regularly skip one meal a day in favor of fast food. (click here for source)

In addition, those studies don’t take into account families and individuals who buy cheap TV dinners and other unhealthy food.

The real key to success is meal preparation (known as meal prep).

Defined simply, meal prep consists of preparing one or more daily meals ahead of time, often saving your time, energy, and money.

This can be as simple as cooking bulk batches of chicken breast, rice, and salad, and keeping them in the freezer or refrigerator until it’s time to eat.

I don’t want to get into specific recipes in this post, however, I will give some tips to make the process easier.

1. Plan Ahead

Find time to make the process work. Setting aside an hour every Sunday night is my personal goal, and it works very well for me.

Find what works for you and set the time aside that you need to get things done.

2. Organize Your Supplies

Make sure you’re ready to go. This means ensuring you have containers to store food in, ingredients, and a plan to make thing work. The most frustrating part of meal prep is getting 3/4 of the way through only to realize you don’t have enough containers to store the food in.

3. Hit The Grocery Store

Buy the items you need for your meal prep weekly or bi-weekly, this depends on if you’re cooking fresh vegetables and meats, or if you plan on freezing your meals/ingredients. Plan ahead to ensure your groceries aren’t spoiling. This means making sure you’re not buying an entire months worth of fruit and vegetables at once!

There you have it, an easy starters guide to meal prep, the only thing left is to find out what recipes work for you which I will be covering in future posts.



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